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About Us

We treat you “Bio Naturally” – Non- invasive in harmony with nature and the body.

A fresh and holistic approach to help you to attain a vibrant energetic life and body

Being healthy is natural. Most of us have access to a medical model that is mainly about suppressing symptoms — not going after the cause of the disease. If we want to know what’s actually causing our problems, or are looking to achieve exponential health, it’s up to us to find the information we need to help ourselves. That can be a lonely feeling.

But you don’t have to navigate the myriad of health choices out there by yourself. Dr. Sawiak’s wellness team at YouWell.ca – Integrative Wellness and Detox Centre can help with a positive, cheerful and empowering approach.

We not only listen, but truly hear your concerns, health goals and preference – and help you regain the well-being you deserve

                               OUR WELLNESS TEAM

Choices            Dr. Oksana Sawiak, DDS IMD

       Dr. Brian McLean, DDS

       Dr. Steven Zaichuk, DDS

       Brunilda Mucaj, RRDH

       Dr. Maxine McLean, IMD

       Daniel Lacoste, R. Ac.

       Ted Aloisio, BA. CNM



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